Condos and Townhomes

Why trust Crystal Clear Window Washing for your multi-family window cleaning?

A more thorough clean – Conventional window cleaning only cleans the window glass. In addition to cleaning the glass, Crystal Clear Window Washing can also clean the window frames, doors, awnings, siding, signs, ect.

Zero Property Damage – Our water fed pole system allows us to complete your window washing without the use of ladders, so virtually eliminating the potential of property damage. Our lightweight, carbon fibre poles and brushes will not damage your building.  Ladders can cause damage to a property when continually moved and placed on the windows sills and the building’s exterior surface, not to mention the landscaping damage. 

Cost Effective – Our technology allows us to be more efficient over traditional window washers, and those efficiencies are passed onto to you in the form of saving you money.

Privacy – There can be nothing more intrusive to your clients than someone looking through their window when they are least expecting it. We are working from the ground, so there is no looking into windows!

Experience – Crystal Clear Window Washing takes pride in our onsite customer interaction that positively represents your property management company. This professionalism has translated into us representing dozens of property management companies and cleaning hundreds of multifamily buildings.

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